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Board and Staff

Dance Nova Scotia is governed by a Board of Directors made up of community members with a deep commitment to promoting dance in Nova Scotia.

Candidates for directorship are presented to the Annual General Meeting by the nominating committee. Candidates may also be nominated from the floor. The nominating committee is responsible for ensuring that the Board represents a cross section of dance disciplines and interests and is geographically representative. Once elected, board members sit as independent director members and not as direct representatives of their dance organization. They do, however, bring information about the viewpoint and concerns of the dance discipline and the region from which they come, and in this respect it is valuable to have a member of your dance discipline on the DANS board.

Applications may be made to the nominating committee at any time. Elections are held annually at the DANS annual general meeting in June. To obtain an application please contact:  office@dancens.ca


President: Sara Adams
Vice President: Glen Leduc
Secretary: Leila Kovacevic
Treasurer: Martina Sommer
Directors: Ruth-Ellen Kroll Jackson, Holly Warhus, Maeghan Taverner, Karen Bradley, Ashley McGaw


Executive Director: Cliff Le Jeune
Administrative Officer: Bonny Lee
Bookkeeper: Bonny Lee
National Dance Week / Dance for Health Coordinator: Elizabeth MacDonald


Studio Manager: Georgia DuVall
Studio Staff: Nick Nguyen, Dane Butler, Daniel Blais