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Mission and History

Our mandate is to encourage, promote and support dance as a cultural, educational, social, recreational and healthful activity for Nova Scotians of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Executive Director Cliff Le Jeune and High Five coordinator Dianne Milligan


DANCE NOVA SCOTIA is the umbrella service organization for all forms of dance in Nova Scotia. Founded in 1974 and incorporated in 1975., it is one of seven provincial cultural service organizations that comprise the Cultural Federations of Nova Scotia, which are funded by the province. Dance Nova Scotia is a registered charitable organization governed by a Board of Directors elected from the community.

Programs include:

  • Providing educational resources to public schools, including the creation of instructional materials relating dance to Grades P - 9 social studies, language arts and music curricula in Acadian and traditional Cape Breton dance, professional development for school teachers and library resources for dance in education;
  • Community based networking and pilot programs to promote existing dance opportunities and to encourage the development of new dance programs where none have existed before.
  • Providing services to professional dance artists and companies to assist with fund raising, grant writing and promotion;
  • Partnering with Kinetic Studio to present Taking Steps to Fly, a showcase for young choreographers;
  • Professional development for dance teachers with a strong focus on bio-mechanical development for injury prevention and conditioning. This includes workshops, lectures, master classes and library materials;
  • Managing DANSpace-on-Grafton, a dance studio funded by the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, making the space available to artists in all disciplines;
  • Database of dance artists and dance teachers throughout the province;
  • A library collection of over two thousand text books and instructional videos for choreographers, dance teachers and public school teachers;
  • Developing workshops for artists, teachers and dance individuals on many areas of dance, business/administration and subjects of interest to members;
  • Information on dance through our quarterly newsletter and weekly e-news bulletins, as well as our website which includes extensive event calendars delivering information on dance activity across the province as well as our notice board (jobs, dance opprortunities, etc).