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Dance Ontario

Associated Organization

DANCE ONTARIO Association was founded in 1976 as the regional arm of Dance In Canada Association (DICA), and incorporated not-for-profit in 1985. Since the demise of DICA, our membership-based association has developed into a dynamic cross-section of all areas of the dance sector from internationally renowned companies to local dance clubs, technicians and agents.

DANCE ONTARIO is key to Ontario's dance milieu and central to the diverse sector's communications and networking, providing management training, advice and industry information. We interact with the general public on a daily basis promoting members' services and events.


  • To promote and support the advancement of all forms of dance in Canada, and in particular, dance in the Province of Ontario, and create a unified voice on regional and Canadian dance issues;
  • To serve the needs and interests of the Ontario regional dance community;
  • To aid in communication amongst the Ontario dance community, between it and other regional dance communities in Canada, and throughout the dance community worldwide;
  • To promote the development of performance facilities in Ontario;
  • To generate funding through contributions, fundraising activities and donations, the said funds to be used to achieve the objectives of the Corporation;
  • To act as a producer of dance programs, and/or conferences, educational seminars etc;
  • To engage in any lawful activities necessary to carry out its purposes as a non-profit service organization.

We are an active and thriving force in the dance community with over 600 members across Ontario including 74 professional companies, independent dancers, choreographers and teachers, over 120 schools, as well as writers, administrators, technicians and other members of Ontario's dance industry.