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The discipline of dance reflects the rhythm of life; it builds self-confidence, creates healthy bodies & minds, and develops creativity.

Adult Dance Workshop

This weekly workshop is a class promoting both the physical benefits and the joy of dance. Each week, we will have a rigorous warm-up that will activate our breath and heart rate, and move into some contemporary dance combinations as well as exploring a variety of other dance styles, linked to the interests of the class participants! This class is designed for adult dancers with some previous dance experience, however adults with experience in other movement forms such as yoga, tai chi, etc. are welcome to try out the class in the first few weeks to see if it is a fit.


Ballet levels beginner through senior is a program for ages 6 to adult, with placement based on previous training and natural ability. Beginning students will be introduced to the basic elements of Ballet with focus on posture, correct use of muscles, and grace of movement. This theme is carried through the program as steps become increasingly complex and more emphasis is placed on performance and presentation qualities.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance levels beginner through senior is designed for students from 11 years of age. Emphasis is on the expressive nature of dance, as well as technique and performance values. Students will incorporate an emotional element with total body awareness.

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is for pre-schoolers aged 3-5. These classes enable students to experience movement to music through songs, games, stories and a variety of musical rhythms and introductory dance patterns. Children must have turned 3 by June 1 for a September program.

Dance Basics

Dance Basics is a program where children aged 6-7 will continue to explore movement, music and creative expression while being introduced to technical elements of a variety of dance forms in a fun and upbeat setting.

Dance For the Health of It

Dance for the Health of It is a fun fusion of various dance styles, warm-up rhythms and stretch exercises designed for adults to get the body moving. Participants will develop awareness of their bodies as they learn the "hows" and "whys" of dance as a form of exercise.
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Jazz is a progressive program for students from 8 years of age, exploring a variety of commercial dance styles. The classes build on the basic technique which applies to all genres of dance, with a focus on rhythm, coordination, strength, and flexibility. Styles covered range from Broadway to Bollywood, funk to classical jazz, and many moves in between. Hip Hop is open to students 12 years or older (Intermediate Jazz III and higher).

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre, a course for students ages 9 and up, explores technical and expressive elements of drama, voice and dance used in musical theatre productions. Each year students of the program present a complete musical production at the MACK.


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