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Phin Performing Arts

Phin Performing Arts

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phin: the exquisite riot.

Dance uplifts, entertains, inspires, grows community spirit, and fosters creativity in all aspects of life.  Founded in 2010, Phin Performing Arts is a contemporary dance performance company dedicated to creating excellent dance and multi-disciplinary works for the stage.  Supporting the creative work of choreographer Lisa Phinney Langley and her collaborators, and embracing both the choreographer-led creative process and cross-disciplinary experimentation, Phin’s artists embrace an attitude of organic evolution of structure and artistic practice. Excited about exquisite simplicity, a connectedness that shatters the boundaries of nature/culture, art/science, idea/performance, and riotous expressions of creativity that leave us all utterly sated, Phin creates rich, decadent dance and multi-disciplinary works for the stage and alternative venues.

We’re pathologically inquisitive.  We make art when we are grabbed by something – when we’re feeling passionate, curious and have questions.  We hold ourselves to being intuitive and honest, and working towards deeper meaning, more connectivity, and that amazing sensation of witnessing an idea fully realised.

Based in Halifax, Canada, Phin is company-in-residence at Halifax Dance.