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FODAR-Festival of Dance Annapolis Royal


King's Theatre, Annapolis Royal


Wednesday, August 16 at 2:00pm - 4:00pm


Wednesday, August 16, 2pm   
Friday, August 18, 8pm  


Company of Angels

Company choreographer Randy Glynn and guest director Layne Coleman worked with the “Angels” to craft their memories and personal stories into a powerful blend of dance, narrative and theatre.

Teasing, bawdy, poignant, jubilant. Lighted Rooms is an enchanting blend of dance, narrative, music and poetry, joyfully performed by ten members of Company of Angels, Canada’s only senior contemporary dance company.

Created by company Artistic Director and award-winning choreographer Randy Glynn and Layne Coleman, acclaimed actor, director, playwright and producer, the production grew from humble beginnings. Three years ago, the “Angels” began meeting once a month to share their favourite poems and a potluck meal. The get-togethers were dubbed “Poetry and Pasta”. Randy Glynn, who was an occasional guest at the homespun soirees, began to see ways to channel the stories and recitations into a new theatrical piece, which would intertwine dance narrative, and music.

In the spring of 2015 Mr. Coleman conducted a workshop with the company and was intrigued with the subject matter and the chance to create a different piece of dance-theatre. Lighted Rooms was a go. After several highly successful workshops in the summer of 2016, the work was tweaked and is making its world premiere at FODAR 2017.

The result is feisty, moving, and truly memorable.

PLEASE NOTE: This piece contains some coarse language.

“…a fluid grace, wonder, beauty, kindness, connection and the raw human condition.” –The Dance Current



Sara Porter

“I’ve finally figured out what I am: a blend of fact and fiction, a moving, howling, contemporary-stand-up-dance-comedian with no secrets. I’ve also come to realize that I am as good a candidate as any for False Memory Syndrome.” – Sara Porter

A funny and fearless look at the facts, fictions and fantasies of memories, aging and reflection. Part dance, part stand-up comedy, part musical revue, Sara does a Solo is Sara Porter’s bold and intimate account of her world and her life through the eyes of an artist and parent.

Sara sings, plays ukulele, and dances with a piano bench, a suitcase, a tap shoe, and a selection of surprising dresses. The performance gives us a funny and fearless account of the dichotomy of life – an aging body and a perceptive mind. It creates a story of closeness and disappointment, hilarity and ultimately, magnificence.

PLEASE NOTE: This piece contains some nudity.

“Funny, irreverent, soulful and a magnificent dancer. I’m awestruck!” – Niegel Smith (Director, The Flea Theater, New York City)

“The vignettes unfurl simply, one whimsical idea leading to the next in an unforced daisy chain of imagery, music and movement.” – Kathleen Smith, NOW Magazine


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