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Caravan Theatre Presents FEM FEST: Freedom Then and Now


Wolfville, Halifax and Truro


Thursday, September 20 at 7:30pm - 10:00pm


100 years ago, Nova Scotia women fought for the right to vote. They wanted society - its members and its laws - to recognize women’s worth and protect their needs. They wanted to stand up and be counted. Fast forward to our 2018 MeToo moment, and it’s clear, the struggle for women’s equality continues.

Fem Fest: Freedom Then and Now is an arts festival of song, theatre, dance and spoken word celebrating the pioneering spirt of women. 

Fem Fest: Freedom Then and Now features both historical and original contemporary works by performing artists from across Nova Scotia. Together we explore diversity in age, gender expression and culture.

Join the movement! Raise your fist! Fem Fest is on the way!

Show Dates:

September 20th & 21st: Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville

September 22nd: The Bus Stop Theatre, Halifax

September 23rd: Cumming Hall, Dalhousie Campus. Truro

Tickets: $20 available at (for Truro and Halifax shows) and at the Box of Delights Bookstore (for Wolfville)

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