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Rhythmic Connections: Nocturne at Serpentine Studios


Serpentine Studios 5527 Cogswell Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1R2


Saturday, October 13 at 6:00pm - 11:59pm


Serpentine Studios hosts a cross-cultural music and dance event where everyone is encouraged to join in and move to the powerful music of Samba Nova, the HMC World Music Ensemble and more.

Schedule (still evolving, check back for updates!)
- all night: Henna by donation by Halifax Henna -
6pm - music and dance party, all are welcome!
7pm - Performance by the Higgins School of Highland Dance
7:15 - Live Music from Samba Nova
8:00 - Dance performance by For the Love of Flamenco
8:15 - The Halifax Music Co-op World Music Ensemble
9:00 - Dance performance by Serpentine Egyptian Dance Company and the Serpentine Tribal Troupe
9:15 - Live Music from Samba Nova
10:00- Dance performance by the Serpentine Tribal Troupe and Chilanka - The Dancing Bells
10:15-12:00am - Dance party with DJ Dol-B

More about our project:

Music and dance is inextricably connected to the land and the people who create it. Historically, music and dance from native cultures all over the world have been forcibly suppressed and erased by outsiders. How can it be different moving forward? Can we create a positive exchange where we share our stories through art to help heal rifts and make connections, without losing the authenticity of each art form?

We seek to create space for respectful collaborative exchange through the powerful art of music and dance; transcending geographical boundaries to come together and celebrate the common thread of rhythm and movement that connects us ALL back to our ancient roots. All are welcome!

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