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HaliFusion- Tango Fusion Dance with River


1313 Hollis Street, Halifax, NS


Sunday, October 14 at 7:45pm - 11:00pm


River Reeva Bradley, a blues and fusion dancer and teacher from the Bay area in the US, is joining us for two events: our special Friday night blues dance on October 12 (8:30-11:00 at 1313 Hollis - doors open at 8), and a fusion workshop/dance on Sunday October 14 (8 to 11 pm). Hope lots of people can come out and dance!

Having a background in partner dancing would be an asset but it's not totally necessary. So if you have never done partner dancing but Fusion Dancing appeals to you then come and explore with us. 
Come as you are, no partner necessary.


Class description: Tango Infusion-
In this class, we will focus on mixing tango elements into a partnered fusion dance. Through tango vocabulary, you'll learn how the mechanics and communication in tango blend with other styles of dance. We'll be focusing on the music as our inspiration, layering isolations, stretch, and melodic expression for new possibilities in fusion.

What is Fusion Partner Dance?
Fusion is not really a style. It’s an idea, a philosophy, a way of being with ourselves and others, the music and movement, that allows a partner dance to be something unique and different every time. What would happen if you came to a partner dance with no expectations – just to listen and be heard? What would happen if you and your partner knew how to speak and listen to the language of movement beyond patterns? What would happen if “leading” and “following” didn’t have to do with your gender? What would happen if the roles of “leading” and “following” blended together, flowing in and out of each other moment to moment?

Fusion can look like anything, sometimes one would say it doesn’t look any different from blues, or swing, or tango. But the unifying qualities of fusion are those of intent listening and awareness, openness, creativity, and readiness to take your dance where it’s never gone before…

Doors open at 7:17

Cover: $10

1313 Hollis Street, Halifax, NS

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