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Nocturne: Rooted Response - Studio in Essence


Studio In Essence, 1535 Dresden Row # 203, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J3t1


Saturday, October 13 at 7:00pm - 11:59pm


Join us at InesS for Nocturne 2018! 

The tree of life stands strong and tall as a keeper of our ancestors life lessons. Its rooted beliefs hold the source of inspiration with a solid foundation to grow from. The branches breathe life and adventure while the trunk flexes and sways in the wind. 

This aerial circus theatre will showcase a human tree survive and evolve as it reacts to the pollution and modernization of our current world. This family friendly show will run every hour all night long in the atrium of the Vertu and in the studio at inesS.

**Please note that the showcase starts at 7 pm! Our still-life art will be presented at 6pm.

As apart of this free event, we will be collection donations to sponsor children from low-income homes to attend a full term kids camp at InesS! Camps at InesS help build confidence, coordination and friendship. Every donation is appreciated and will give these kids a chance to learn, grow & have an unimaginable amount of fun!

For more information go to Facebook event Rooted Response