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Member Benefits

What we do for you!

Keeping you connected

As a member of Dance Nova Scotia you will receive the weekly ENEWS, which keeps you up to date with what our Board, staff and committees have been doing on your behalf and connects you to the happenings and opportunities of our dance community!

Promoting our Members (Individual, organization and dance school)

We are proud of our dance community and want to show the province, the country and the world the great work you are doing here! Through Dance NS you will be able to:

  • Have an enhanced web listing
  • List drop-in classes
  • Feature your photos and videos on our website
  • Include your events on our calendar and in our Enews 
  • And have your news and events shared through our social media streams.    

Advocating for dance

We strive to keep the importance of dance on the radar of our governments and the public at large. Dance often finds itself at the bottom of the cultural ladder both in profile and in terms of funding and support. As a member, you help us build the profile of dance in our communities while giving us strength in numbers to advocate with the government on dance's behalf. We are a stronger voice when united.

We are a hub for information and resources for all things dance throughout the province.

Dance Nova Scotia has a library of books and videos which can assist dance students and dance teachers, including a section on the prevention and care of dance injuries.

Workshops and Rentals

Besides our program workshops (such as Dance for Health: Seniors), we also hold various workshops throughout the year in topics that are of interest to our membership. Your suggestions are always welcome! Members receive a reduced rate to all our program and individual workshops.

As of April 1st, 2020  the reduced rental rate for Dance Nova Scotia members renting DANSpace is $22 per hour. The rate for non-members is  27 per hour .

SOCAN Licensing for individual members

In 2002, DANS negotiated a deal with SOCAN whereby dance teachers could receive their SOCAN License through Dance NS at a much lower cost than through SOCAN.  In December 2017, SOCAN raised all of their fees which brought the licence fee up to $86 (includes HST +  admin fee). The total cost with membership is $111.00. The DANS and SOCAN year runs January-December regardless of when you join or renew.  We send out renewal notices in November for the coming year which always starts on January 1st. This SOCAN deal is available for individual members only. All dance teachers who use published non-public domain music for their classes are required to have a SOCAN License.Please note that Re:Sound licensing fees are NOT included in your SOCAN fee.

For a detailed explanation of our SOCAN agreement and what it means for members CLICK HERE

*******PLEASE READ new information regarding the use of SOCAN Tariff 19 LICENSE for ON-LINE TEACHING****

Short Term Insurance ** New**

Front Row Insurance has short term coverage for events and workshops. CLICK HERE for information on their SOLO coverage program. (Dance Nova Scotia members can receive $25 off their SOLO package).

Re:Sound reduced rates **New**

Dance Nova Scotia (DANS), in collaboration with 10 other national and provincial dance teacher associations/organizations, has finalized an agreement with Re:Sound that we are confident reflects the needs, usage and realities of Canadian dance schools. The fees Re: Sound collects (under Tariff 6B of the Copyright Act) ensure music creators receive their royalties when their work is used by businesses such as dance schools. This agreement will greatly reduce the fees for owners and studios who are members of any of the organizations who have signed on to the agreement. This includes individuals who operate dance schools or studios (does not cover classes that are under rental agreements). With this in mind, DANS encourages all dance schools to secure their license(s). Compliance isn’t just the right thing to do, it is our legal obligation.

By dance studios responding positively to this new agreement en masse, we may cement a new working relationship with Re:Sound and Entandem (the organization created by Re:Sound and SOCAN to administer licenses for both organizations). This is a benefit for everyone and clearly all of the organizations involved are working to protect all members and hoping to ensure as equitable a deal as possible.

Please note: The details of this agreement are confidential and as such, we won’t be sharing them in this communication. However, members can obtain details by contacting DANS Executive Director or Entandem directly at 1.866.944.6223 or

Office services

We have ‘at cost’ prices on colour, black and white photocopying and postage. Please note: Dance NS is not responsible for the content and will not make edits to your content or the files on site. Files must be compatible and complete. Check with the DANS office if unsure.  

Grant writing assistance

If you need help writing or researching grants, talk to our Executive Director who can help get you connected to specialists who assist artists with grant writing.

Program Partnership

As the provincial umbrella agency for all forms of dance, the development of dance as a cultural activity is part of Dance Nova Scotia’s mandate. Therefore from time to time members of the dance community may need help with promotions, the need for space to assist with their project or to help with funding to carry out projects and programs that benefit the artistic life of our community. As a member of Dance Nova Scotia, you can apply to be part of our Program Partnership. As a registered charity, we have helped many individuals and organizations realize their projects through this program. For more information on what kind of assistance the program can offer members and to ensure that you are eligible, contact the Dance Nova Scotia office.

Affiliated membership rates with CDA and NSFA

The Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) is the voice of the professional dance sector in Canada and promotes a healthy, sustainable environment in which professional dance practice can grow and thrive. The CDA is also growing as a major advocacy voice for dance in Ottawa, lobbying and achieving changes to programs such as the Temporary Foreign Workers Program and is currently lobbying the Liberal Government (and Revenue Canada) for income averaging for self-employed dance artists. As a member of Dance Nova Scotia, you are eligible for CDA's affiliated rates and will be part of effective change for dance across the country. 

The Nova Scotia Fitness Association (NSFA) offers members of Dance Nova Scotia at a reduced Associate Membership rate (which give you membership rates to all of their workshops and webinars). Contact the Dance Nova Scotia office for more information. 

Help you to navigate the dance world

We do our best to help you find answers to your questions about all things dance! If you need some help in any area of your career, your studies, your dance group, we are here for you!

By joining Dance Nova Scotia you are adding your voice to those of dance teachers, students and organizations throughout Nova Scotia to ensure that dance in all of its forms can continue to be a part of our lives. Your support and involvement strengthens the dance community and enables Dance Nova Scotia to continue our valuable work. To join, sign up through our website or contact us by phone or email!

CLICK HERE to download a printable version of the Membership Brochure.