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Call for Submissions:Kinetic Studio Series 2017-18

2017-18 Season – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Deadline: Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Kinetic Studio is preparing for our 2017-18 season of the Open Studio Series performances of contemporary dance at our home studio, DANSpace in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We are looking for innovative new work from emerging and established artists working in Nova Scotia, the Maritimes, and across Canada. Limited travel funding is available for out-of-province artists.

Programming values:

Kinetic Studio is particularly interested in presenting works where questioning and experimentation are alive. We welcome movements of the body, of thought, of social/ political culture, and more. We are looking for a wide spectrum of approaches to contemporary dance performance, including multi-disciplinary works.

For the 2017-18 season, Kinetic Studio will prioritize artists whose processes incorporate critical dialogue that seeks to move their work and ideas forward. This dialogue could be between choreographers and artistic collaborators such as performers, dramaturges, mentors, partnering artists or companies, collaborators from other disciplines, etc.

Projected dates for the Open Studio Series performances are:

October 21/22, 2017 works-in-progress /completed work 

January 20/21, 2018 works-in-progress /completed work 

March 3/4, 2018 works-in-progress/ completed work



Please read Submission Guidelines carefully before completing Application Form. Questions or concerns? Please contact us at kineticstudiodance@gmail.com



About Kinetic Studio:

Kinetic Studio is an organization dedicated to supporting professional contemporary dance and choreography based in Halifax, NS. Under the Artistic Direction of Jacinte Armstrong and the Administrative Direction of Kathleen Doherty, Kinetic Studio offers a variety of presentation and professional development opportunities for artists based in Nova Scotia and from across Canada. Founded in 2003, the organization continuously evolves, responding to the needs of the professional dance community.

Our presentations primarily take place at DANSpace-on-Grafton, thanks to our long-standing partnership with Dance Nova Scotia.

Please visit our website at www.kineticstudio.ca

About the 2017-18 Season:

The Open Studio Series (low tech- see specs on final page):

Projected dates:
Oct. 21/22, 2017, Jan. 20/21, 2018 and Mar. 3/4, 2018

Kinetic Studio's “Open Studio Series” presents an informal evening of dance choreography and performance. The series takes place at our home venue, DANSpace, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Each performance features 3-5 artists from Nova Scotia, the Maritimes, and across Canada.

Each artist is allotted up to 15-20 minutes, which can be fully or partially used, in the way which best supports the work of the artist. Traditional and alternative uses of space and time are invited, however artists must be able work within allotted their technical re- hearsal time in preparation for performance. Standard tech time is 1 hour on the Saturday afternoon of the show. Honorarium provided.



*** Label your document: FirstnameLASTNAME_StudioSeries.doc (or PDF)

Please include:

  1. Artist/Company name
    Mailing address
    phone number
  2. Do you have date restrictions/preferences?
  3. Provide a short proposal of the work you would like to present. Refer the program values, described in Call for Submissions.
    Briefly describe where you are in the process, and what you hope to gain from performing in the Kinetic Studio Series. Briefly describe the kind of critical dialogue that is part of your creation process and name your creative partners where possible.
    Include the number of performers. (250 words max)
  4. Provide an annotated video excerpt (preferably a video link, otherwise send DVD) of the work.
  5. A recent short biography (choreographer and/or group).
  6. 1-2 recent photos of your work (electronic, with photo credit saved in file name: LAST- NAME_PhotographerName)
  7. Your potential interest in teaching a class or conducting a workshop.
  8. APPLICATION FEE: Please send a $5 Kinetic Studio membership fee (September to August annually) and a $15 application fee. Or visit our website and pay via Paypal (www.kineticstudio.ca, go to CALENDAR-> Box Office)
    Please make all cheques payable to Kinetic Studio.


APPLICATION DUE: Wednesday, AUGUST 30, 2017

Return to Kinetic Studio Artistic Director, Jacinte Armstrong
email: kineticstudiodance@gmail.com 
41 Glenbourne Ct., Halifax, NS, B3S 1E2



Our home venue, DANSpace, is a third floor studio located at 1531 Grafton Street, in the heart of downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. We provide front-of-house staff to sell tickets and print an in-house program.

There is a post-show facilitated discussion on Saturday evening where choreographers and audience share questions and feedback in a casual manner.

We provide digital video files of your performances for archival viewing.

We also provide photography from tech rehearsals and performances, when possible.

The DANSpace venue: We offer a basic performing space with:

  • 1 Technician
  • A large performance area which can be set-up proscenium-style- approximately 30' wide x 25' deep*
  • Marley flooring
  • Side and back masking of 8' and 10' flats (black) allowing for a back crossover. Not stable enough for real pressure.
  • A basic sound system. Ipod & Computer hookup available.
  • Approximately 16 lamps (fresnels & lekos) – no top lighting; a limited number of specials are possible.
  • Audience seating on risers for up to 70 people
  • Shared dressing/warm-up area behind the stage (not sound proof)

Our performances are on Saturday and Sunday evenings at 8:00 PM with technical rehearsal on Saturday afternoon. Each choreographer is allotted 1 to 1.5 hours for rehearsal. If a particular set up of the stage area is important to your work please let us know in advance.


For the Open Studio Series we offer a honorarium of $400 for an emerging or first time Kinetic Studio choreographer, and $500 for others.

If you are interested in teaching a class, conducting a workshop, or doing other outreach activities, please indicate this in your application with appropriate biographical information.

  • Kinetic Studio offers a workshop on the Sunday afternoon of the performance at DANSpace. If you are interested in leading this, please let us know.