Check here for the latest information on COVID-19 (Federal/Provincial) affecting activity in the dance sector. Updated September 9th, , 2021

COVID-19 INFORMATION LINKS AND UPDATES as of September 9th , 2021

To our dance community:

For the past 14 months, Dance Nova Scotia has been working tirelessly in an effort to deliver pertinent information regarding COVID-19 and its effect on the dance community. We have continued to seek out and share links from national and provincial dance and service organizations, the federal and provincial governments that will be helpful to the dance community. 

We are now in the summer of Phase Four and activity is slowly coming back into action. It continues to be a testament to the cultural sector that we have worked together during this period to help and support each other. Dance Nova Scotia is proud to be part of the cultural fabric of our province and to advocate for the health of our dance community, emotionally and as a collective.

Dance Nova Scotia will continue to populate this COVID-19 INFORMATION LINKS AND UPDATES webpage as our members and dance schools work collectively to participate in our provincial response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Remember, it is still vital to closely monitor official government announcements and make informed decisions for your organization's response.


We are now in PHASE FIVE of the FIVE PHASED reopening plan for the province. Restrictions continue to ease and summer activities are now in full swing as the rollout of vaccines continues. Information is getting more specific and easier to navigate. 

CLICK HERE for all information relating to PHASE FIVE. 

PHASE FIVE will begin on Wednesday, September 15th. At that time things are expecting to turn to a "new normal". The cultural sector will of course be adapting to many new possibilities and innovative ways of recovering to more fuller schedules. In preparation, you should read through the "Building Back Better" document (see link above). We have a lot of rebuilding to do and the entire cultural sector will need to come together to ensure that the government will be supporting our recovery and rebuilding as change comes. Phase Five will see critical policy regarding Vaccinations and "proof of vaccination" 


As of Oct. 4, the province will also start requiring proof of full vaccination for Nova Scotians ages 12 and older to participate in discretionary, recreational or non-essential activities such as dining out, going to a fitness facility, or going to a movie, theatre performance, concert or sporting event.


We have also downloaded some recent information sheets that might be useful in looking at the progress of this summer's reopening plan:

A cultural Q&A -May 20th, 2021

FAQ sheet for Cultural sector - May 28th, 2021 


Additional Resources:

Guidance for events:

For the latest COVID information for the Province of Nova Scotia:



BUILDING BACK BETTER: A vision for Cultural Sector recovery in Nova Scotia 

Over the course of two months, the Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council and Arts Nova Scotia undertook a series of consultation sessions with stakeholders representing a broad cross-section of the culture sector throughout the province in order to gather feedback on upcoming recovery efforts. These conversations focused on the challenges they faced over the course of the pandemic and asked what changes they consider central to revitalizing the economic and creative heart of the culture sector. Close to 200 stakeholders participated in these sessions – both virtually and through an email survey. Based on our conversations and the analysis of the data we collected throughout, six major themes emerged. Read the report below and be aware as the cultural sector comes together to ensure we will be supported by our government in the ongoing recovery process.

Click here to read the full report - Building Back Better: a vision for Cultural Sector recovery in Nova Scotia


Building a RECOVERY PLAN for your dance school/studio

In late May of 2020, dance schools were asked to build a recovery/reopening plan that would meet health department restrictions/guidelines for reopening to activity. Dance Nova Scotia amassed several plans from large organizations (national, from across the border and regional) to help build a recovery plan for a school or performance venue. If you would like to look back at those plans, here are some well laid out plans and documents that many dance schools and studios used as references when building a reopening plan

DANCE USA Return to Dance during COVID 19 (5/2020)

Saskatchewan Dance and CDTA reopening plan (6/01/2020)

Ontario Dance and Performing Arts Schools: Workplace guidelines for COVID 19 (5/20/2020)

The Event Safety Alliance - Reopening Guide (5/11/2020)

Professional Arts Centre Consortium - Guide to reopening theatrical venues (5/15/2020)

COVID 19 CCH Prevention Guide for event organizers, theatres and performance venues      

DANS Return to the Studio Checklist (6/04/2020) 

CCH Arts & Culture Reopening Guide (5/29/2020)


RECOVERY AND REOPENING information (June to September 2020) 

Dance Nova Scotia, as part of the provincial cultural sector, has been meeting with Communities, Culture and Heritage (CCH) regularly, to ensure the dance community is receiving updated information as recovery efforts move forward.  Clicking on the links below will give you relevant information on updates. There are also answers to many questions (FAQ) that have been submitted as these changes are made public. These are very good resources and reference material for anyone interested in the changes that have occured over the last year. They appear according to the issue date:

COVID Prevention Plan Checklist (Nova Scotia) (6/04/2020)

Guide - Day Camp Guidelines for Reopening  (6/12/2020)

FAQ - Gathering Limit Changes and Update (6/18/2020) 

FAQ -  Gathering Limits Changes and Updates (7/09/2020)

Dr. Strang - Engagement Partner Letter (7/14/2020) 

FAQ -  Mandatory Mask Use (7/24/2020)

FAQ - Mandatory Mask Use Update (7/30/2020)

CCH- COVID 19 Prevention guidelines for Events, theatres and venues (10/01/2020)


COVID-19 information, initiatives, and relief programs (Federal & Provincial)

Here is a complete list of COVID-19 initiatives from the Province of Nova Scotia.

Click here for more information on the Province of Nova Scotia response to COVID-19

Here is a complete list of COVID-19 initiatives from the Government of Canada

Click here for more information on the Federal Government's response to COVID-19 (HEALTH)

Click here for  more information on the Federal Governments ECONOMIC Response Plan to COVID 19

Here is the link to an overview of the Emergency Support Fund for Cultural, Heritage and Sport Organizations released May 8th.

 COVID-19 Emergency Support Program for Arts and Culture Organizations 


On going information on Canadian Recovery benefit (CRB)

The Government of Canada is taking strong, immediate and effective action to protect Canadians and the economy from the impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is a recent article from Le Devior's Ottawa branch.  The article titled "Artists too Frank for CRB", highlights a current problem several artists are having with the CRB program and following instructions to register for the EI program.  This is worth a read!! 

The Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) gives income support to employed and self-employed individuals who are directly affected by COVID-19 and are not entitled to Employment Insurance (EI) benefits. The CRB is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). For information on CRB click here         




If you are teaching online, you need to be sure you are covering your responsibility to pay SOCAN tariffs. It will depend on what platform you are using. The SOCAN Tariff 19 license that individual teachers can purchase as members of Dance NS, will cover your SOCAN fees IF your classes are controlled access (they are not open to everyone). 

We will be updating information on SOCAN and online teaching shortly as there are currently developments we are working on with other dance organizations across the country. 



Remember to click on these Resource Links to cultural sector-specific information and websites:

Strategic Arts Management (SAM) has a comprehensive listing of resources for artists. SAM COVID-19 Resources for artists 

The Canadian Dance Assembly website is an incredible source of information relevant to the dance community CDA COVID-19 Resource page.  


Dance Studio Owners and teachers!! 

On Friday, May 8, the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) in the USA held a free webinar titled, “Ultimate Structured Improvisation: The Future of the Private Dance Studio”. You can listen to the recording of the session by CLICKING HERE and find the accompanying Powerpoint visuals HERE. While panelists are American dance studio owners and teachers, there is good information here no matter where you live or work—practical advice on current and future financial/operational aspects, as well as some interesting ideas for keeping your students engaged and collaborating with other studios. If you are a studio owner or dance teacher, there is something here for you.



Make sure you continue to monitor the progress of the disease through the links above. THE CANADIAN DANCE COMMUNITY is united to help deal with the fallout of this unparalleled moment in our history bu sharing information and resources and to advocate for the dance community. Please don't be afraid to contact anyone with questions or concerns. 


If you have questions or concerns or are looking for information or organizations who might be able to help with advice, you can contact Cliff Le Jeune, Executive Director or Dance NS at