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About Dance for Health

Dance for Health is an initiative of Dance Nova Scotia, promoting the role of dance in a healthy lifestyle. Currently, Dance for Health: Seniors, focuses on issues specific to older adults.  Through specialized workshops, dance teachers work to develop the skills aimed at teaching and building dance programs for seniors. 

After an extensive consultation with dance teachers across the province, the program was launched in May 2015. The initial workshop focused on topics and concerns aimed at teachers who want to teach dance to seniors. Since then then workshop has been refined and serves as a foundation for further exploration of topics of interest regarding seniors and dance. In our continuing efforts to expand this program and the content of the material we deliver, Dance Nova Scotia has been developing relationships with organizations such as The National Ballet School and their Dance for PD program. The goal is work with them as they expand the number of communities hosting the Program for people with Parkinson's Disease and teachers wishing to move into this area of concern. This is one of the ways Dance for Health: Seniors hopes to bring dance teachers in the province together with highly specialized workshops focusing on dance's role in issues related to older adults and seniors. 

Most recently, Dance Nova Scotia has developed a partnership with Northwood Seniors Facility. Their recreation staff have helped develop our first Practicum for those who want to experience sharing dance and movement with mobility and cognitively-challenged individuals in an actual class of senior. participants. Check out details of the program here on our website as they become available. 

Through partnerships such as this we are continuing the reach and breath of the program, which continues to enlighten and inspire dance teachers who are focued on our senior population.