December 1st, 2021: COVID-19/HEALTH/WELLNESS--Travel Restriction for Children Age 11 and Younger Participating in Arts and Culture or Sports Events

*NEW* Tango to Balance

Tango to Balance is a mindful exploration of the Argentine Tango walk: forward, side, and back steps to a marching beat.

We will:

  • practice lead and follow - changing roles and partners
  • move to the music
  • learn short step combinations
  • connect with ourselves and others

Engaging in dancing while gaining better balance, gait, and posture makes for a fantastic way to fight off brain-aging as well as the risk of falling.

Anyone who can walk independently can join this program.

Attendance at all 6 sessions is encouraged, but not required. These classes are FREE and open to the general public, especially for those who are managing with Parkinson's and early-onset Alzheimer's. 

Tango to Balance is in Partnership with the Halifax Public Libraries. For scheduling and library location where classes are held please CLICK HERE