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Books and DVDs for Teaching Traditional NS Dance to Children

Created in partnership with the Learning Resources and Technology Division of the Nova Scotia Department of Education, Dance Nova Scotia’s resource kits are authoured by volunteers who are leading professional educators, professional dance teachers and professional musicians.

The authors of these useful resource kits are all experts in their fields and we take pride in the cultural authenticity of their contents. They are designed for use in schools and are not for commercial or private teaching. 

Nova Scotia school teachers may order these kits from Dance Nova Scotia (see below) or through the Learning Resources and Technology Division of the Nova Scotia Department of Education.

Dance Kits Available:

  • Acadian Dance Resource Kit: ALL JOIN HANDS/TOUS ENSEMBLE
    A Guide to Teaching Traditional Acadian Dances for Public Schools

    Author: Barbara Le Blanc with assistance from Dianne Milligan, Nicole Le Blanc (assistance with translation), Gilles Le Blanc (revision of translation). 
    ($35 plus shipping)

  • No Less No More Just Four On the Floor: A guide to teaching traditional Cape Breton Square Sets for public schools.
    Authors: Barbara LeBlanc, Mary Janet MacDonald, Betty Matheson, Dianne Milligan and Dolena Roach. 
    ($35 plus shipping)
  • A Jig 'n' a Reel: A Resource for Scottish Country Dancing in School
    Authors: Sandra Barlett, Laurene Hanley, Maggie Keppie, Dianne Milligan, Joe Wallin and Mary Anne Wallin 
    ($35 plus shipping)
  • Squares, contras and more: square dancing for elementary schools
    Dance Instructor: Dottie Welsh 
    ($30 plus shipping)

To purchase contact the office: