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Dance 11

Dance 11 is a High School introductory course in dance, focusing on the personal growth of the student. It provides the students with a range of options to explore areas of interest in greater depth.

The course comprises four components which permeate the curriculum:

  • elements of movement
  • creation and composition
  • presentation and performance
  • dance and society.

Each year Dance Nova Scotia works with the Department of Education, Regional School Boards and the NSTU to develop Professional Development experiences for Dance 11 teachers, offering them innovative ideas in movement pedagogy and theory to help them explore ways to build General Curriculum Outcomes that will support the Unifying Concepts on which the program is built:

  • Creative/Productive
  • Critical/Responsive
  • Cultural/Historical

For more information on the Dance 11 program, visit the link below which will bring you to the Nova Scotia's Department of Education's Dance 11 Curriculum.