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Dare to Dance Challenge

Dare to Dance - the Nova Scotia challenge that dares schools across the province to dance during National Dance Week, April 22 - 29.

This year (2016) was our best year ever, with 70 schools and more than 14,500 kids, teachers and staff participating from across the province. 

The challenge is for a school to have their students (and staff) dance for 20 minutes some time during National Dance Week -- April 22-29. And by dance, we mean the whole school!

If your school is interested or if you know a school -- public, independent, CSAP, First Nations -- that you think should join the challenge, here is what you do:

  • We send information about the coming year's challenge (usually in Jaunary/February) so keep you radar ready;
  • Register your school by emailing Dance Nova Scotia at
  • Tell us how many people (students and staff) are at the school.
  • Tell us what you plan to do to get the whole school dancing. 
  • You will be asked to contact Dance Nova Scotia by a specified date to report on how many students, teachers and staff participated. 

Think sock hops, flash mobs, folk dance, street dance... the options are endless. Want to bounce ideas around? Dance Nova Scotia can help. We are working with some dance schools who may want to volunteer to help you develop your challenge. 

All participating D2D schools will be entered in a draw for one of three FREE professional dance workshops, as thanks from Dance Nova Scotia. 

For more information contact Dance Nova Scotia at: