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About National Dance Week

Canada's National Dance Week, built around UNESCO's International Dance Day, takes place every year from April 22nd until the 29th.

During this week communities across the country will be participating in an array of dance-related events promoting not only the importance of creative expression, but also the strengthening of community bonds.

Here at Dance NS, we want to help you celebrate – and share – the joy of dance.

National Dance Week 2017

This year, Roger Sinha of Sinha Danse is the author of Canada's International Dance Day message:

"Dance is what sets us apart and what brings us together. Individually, our unique voice is the authenticity that our bodies can express. Nobody in this entire world, the billions of people, walks the way you walk. Walking is just one expression of movement; there is also falling, jumping, skipping, running, shaking, turning and turning and turning until you spin. I spin my way; you spin yours. It’s who I am and it’s who you are. My individuality, the seeking of my own uniqueness, moulds the themes of my work: Indian, Armenian, Canadian, Québecois, male.  

So mould yourself; spin your own tale. Then come together. Dance is the great unifier and so we need it now, as our world seems to be embracing that which sets us apart. 

The other is another and he is not my brother.

NO, I say! dance together brothers and sisters.

The more we can celebrate diversity, the more we can be accepting of others." 

~ Roger Sinha


How to Celebrate National Dance Week

Brand your Event: Organizing an event that will take place around during National Dance Week? Brand your event with the official NDW logo. DOWNLOAD THE LOGO HERE. [Aussi disponible en français] Please make sure to send us a copy of your poster so we can promote it!




Share Roger Sinha's Message: Download an insert with Roger Sinha's message so you Download the insertcan share it with your dancers and your dance community. [Aussi disponible en français]


Show us Your Steps: Send us footage of you or your dancers in action and you could find yourself in Canadian Dance Assembly’s annual IDD video, to be shown in Dundas Square, Toronto, on April 29.


Interested in working with local public schools? More than 13,000 students participate in Dance NS’s annual Dare to Dance challenge every year, and we can help connect you with teachers in your area. Dare to Dance is great way to promote dance (and your studio) in your community.


Tell us why you dance! Or, better still, show us! We’ll share your messages, videos and events on our Facebook, Twitter, in our weekly e-news, on YouTube and nationally with the Canadian Dance Assembly throughout the month of April.


Doing social media? Help us spread the word by using our #nsdanceday handle in your Facebook posts and Tweets.


Dance builds healthy, strong communities, and NDW is great opportunity to show people that dance matters.

So what are you doing for National Dance Week? Let us know how Dance NS can help.  Contact Elizabeth MacDonald, our National Dance Week/Dare to Dance coordinator at programs@dancens.ca.


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