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International Dance Day


Each year, the Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA) along with its member service organizations (which includes Dance NS), chooses someone from the Canadian dance scene to deliver a message to Canada for International Dance Day (IDD), which takes place on April 29th each year. 

This year's message comes from Vivine Scarlett of Usafiri Dance & Drum Ensemble. 

The universal movement of dance releases the very essence of what is all around us. It connects and weaves so deep that one can feel the wisdom, patience and graciousness of its flow. With each move made there is a giving and receiving communication in that universal experience. Dance is a vehicle that lends itself to learning about oneself. It helps us move through life's experiences by expressing our stories and our history, by commenting on our present and nurturing our future.

Dance for you.

Dance for us.

Just dance and let the rhythm of our spirits soar in the movement of DANCE.


Canada's National Dance Week, built around UNESCO's International Dance Day, will be taking place this year from April 22nd until the 29th. During this week communities across the country will be participating in an array of dance-related events promoting not only the importance of creative expression, but also the strengthening of community bonds. As shown in a recent New England Journal of Medicine study, dance, more than any other physical activity, contributes largely to brain health and function as well as physical wellness. It also provides a host of other benefits to the individual and community such as social cohesion, creative economy and empowerment of youth. Dance week presents the opportunity to celebrate the many ways in which dance contributes to human existence and reminds us of the significant role it plays within our history and culture.