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Sharing Dance 2018 (National Ballet School)




Join Canada’s National Ballet School and Dance Nova Scotia on June 10th at the Central Library's Paul O'Regan Hall for Sharing Dance Day 2018.

Every year Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS) commissions the creation of an original piece of Canadian choreography and supports individuals and communities across the country as they learn and perform the piece on NBS Sharing Dance Day. Dance Nova Scotia is excited to be taking part in this national celebration of dance, and we invite you to join us! This year there is an afternoon of festivities at the Central library in HRM. 

We believe that dance is a fun and physical way for people of all ages to get moving. We also believe that NBS's Sharing Dance Day will encourage more people to participate in dance classes in their communities. Our goal is to help Canadians to recognize and value dance as an effective way to get healthy, active and artistically engaged.

So why get involved in NBS Sharing Dance Day?

  • It’s a fun way to demonstrate the relevance of dance to all Canadians
  • It’s an opportunity to support and connect with your community
  • You will be part of a national celebration of Canadian dance

This year, GeNie Baffoe and Michelle Olson, two talented choreographers representing different styles of dance, geographic locations and cultural backgrounds, collaborated to create a unique work that explores the importance of environmental stewardship. CHECK OUT THIS YEAR'S CHOREOGRAPHY 

Learn more about THE CHOREOGRAPHERS.

Check out the choreography and drop in one of the instructional sessions that will be taking place and be sure to join us in the Paul O'Regan Hall to join in the dancing. 

Your impact:

By getting involved in learning the NBS Sharing Dance Day choreography, you are joining a community of dance studios across the country, helping to promote the benefits of dance for people of all ages.

Free instructional videos and resources are available online to support your involvement. You can choose to perform the choreography at your year-end recital, partner with a community group to dance in a public park, or even join in the fun at the Halifax Central Library on June 10th.The NBS, along with Dance Nova Scotia and other local partners will be celebrating Sharing Dance Day in the O'Regan Room! There will be lots of dancing featuring local dancer groups and dancers from the region. As well, Genie Baffoe will be holding instruction sessions to teach the choreography and the day will end with one big, wonderful communal dance of the special choreography. If you can't make it to the Central Library you can create your own NBS Sharing Dance Day; maybe an intimate celebration within a single class or a larger event that includes friends and family members - we encourage each school to implement the choreography in the way that works best for them.

 Remember if you are in Halifax on June 10th at the O' Regan Hall in the Central Library on Spring Garden Road, 2 - 4PM 

For information on rehearsal locations, times & dates click here: SHARING DANCE HALIFAX

Click here to check out the TOOLKITS AND RESOURCES

 NBS gratefully acknowledges the support for Sharing Dance by local community partners including: 
 Halifax Dance, Studio 26 and Kinnected Leadership , and of course Dance Nova Scotia